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Popular Motivational Speaker, Consultant & Author

"Charting The Course To A Better Life"
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“There are two types of leaders: those who wait for the future, and those who create it.”
The Extraordinary Leaders Seminar - Be Extraordinary.

Chris Widener: Motivational Speaker, Consultant


Chris Widener is a popular American motivational speaker, author, and owner of two very popular motivational websites online (Made for Success & Extraodinary Leaders).
Address: 55 Mt. Olympus Dr. NW, Issaquah, WA 98027 -- (425) 391-5894
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        Chris Widener is an example of how anyone can overcome any odds to achieve a successful life and help others achieve the same. Chris has overcome many obstacles... living through his father dying suddenly when he was four, being sent away from his family to live with relatives at age nine and becoming involved with drugs and alcohol by the age of twelve.

Chris overcame those obstacles and has been speaking professionally since 1988 and has shared the stage with US Presidential candidates, nationally known television news anchors, best-selling authors, and professional athletes. He has spoken on leadership to some of America's finest organizations such as General Electric, Cisco Systems, and the Harvard Business School.

He has written over 150 articles and 4 books and has produced 20 audio programs on leadership and motivation. His articles appear monthly in over 100 publications. Chris is also the featured contributing editor of the Jim Rohn One Year Success Program.

Chris' newsletter, Made for Success, has subscribers in 105 countries, making it one of the world's most widely distributed newsletters on success and leadership. His upcoming book is Leadership Rules of Engagement: 25 Rules Guaranteed to Create Fully Engaged Followers.


"Chris Widener is the leader of a new generation of personal development and leadership experts. He lives and breathes the strategies and tools he shares with millions around the globe. Chris' content is rich and practical, and his style is dynamic and engaging! If you want to see real change in your life, or the life of your organization, connect with Chris Widener." - Jim Rohn , Founder of Jim Rohn International

Chris Widener is a powerful presenter, a quick wit, and a home run every time. He definitely challenges you to the next level in life and work. - Kevin Mather, CFO, Seattle Mariners Baseball Team

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Chris Widener
Successful, popular American motivational speaker, consultant and author. Chris is President of the successful online store,

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