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Retain Your Best People

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Retain Your Best People
June 2005
by Dorene Lehavi, Ph.D.: Leadership Article

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    Many managers and team leaders ask me how to deal with employees in a way that will maximize their potential, create loyalty and respect, and cut down on high turnover and destructive behavior in the workplace.

The single most common reason people stay or leave an organization is based on the relationship they have with their direct supervisor. Therefore the key is to show a keen personal interest in each person. Recognize everyone's uniqueness and find ways to allow that uniqueness to be expressed at work.

The following tips can be adapted to your particular situation.

  • One-on-one Meetings

  • Build trust; have meetings in your office over lunch or coffee with each individual.

  • Get to know your employee by asking about their career goals, even if you have to acknowledge that working at their present job may just be a stepping-stone on the way.

  • Ask what opportunities for growth they might like in their job.

  • Ask what part of their present job they enjoy the most. Find ways to give them more of those tasks.

  • Ask if there is any part of their job they don't like. If possible, relieve them of the particular task. If not, help them find ways to make it more pleasant. Break it down time-wise. Build in rewards.

  • Always recognize jobs well done; give bonuses, e.g. tickets to movies or other events, recognize the employee of the month, rewards for creative ideas, etc.

  • Where possible allow the employee to learn a new area of interest. Encourage that interest by sending them to a class, etc.

  • Set up a mentoring system.

If each individual employee feels appreciated they will more likely remain motivated to stay in an organization and consistently provide quality work that is aligned with the company's goals.

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