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Eartha Kitt, My Mother and You

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Eartha Kitt, My Mother and You
by Dorene Lehavi, Ph.D.

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    Eartha Kitt is 78 and my Mom is 91. They both still have undiscovered songs in them. I recently heard EK say on TV that every day she is discovering notes she didn't know she had, and she is still performing them. My Mom is discovering a bunch of challenging and fun things she never did before. Mom is in a wheelchair, lives in a home for the aging, and has discovered a love of crafts she never knew was in her. It gives her great pleasure to have a ceramic or beaded piece she crafted to give as gifts along with the collage greeting cards she makes. When new ideas and media are introduced she is willing to try everything.

It always amazes me when much younger people come to me as clients looking to broaden their lives or change them in some way in order to find more fulfillment and happiness. Yet they say to me, "This is all I know. I can't do anything else." Please, folks, take another look. I know you'll find many undiscovered talents and skills like Eartha's notes and Mom's creations.

To help you get started on this journey of self-discovery use the first exercise in my book called Proud Moment Timeline.

  • On a piece of paper, list 5-year increments in age in the left margin, leaving a few lines for each period of time. Start with 5 - 10 years old (1 -5 if you were a prodigy), then 10-15 etc., until you reach your present age.
  • In the lines next to the appropriate age, list the biggest thing you accomplished that made you feel proud. Remember this, your pride and your accomplishment is to be age-appropriate. Don't diminish things that you now consider small. You are recording what happened then.

If you have trouble recalling a particular period of your life, talk to people who were there at the time. You might also dig out photographs that will jog your memory. As a result of this exercise, people recall things they loved or had long forgotten. Their journey caused them to take a different road, leaving behind a true interest, talent or skill. Now with this rediscovery they find a way to reincorporate it into their lives.

Mom at 91 and Eartha at 78 still have new songs to sing. How many do you have?

I always like to remind people…you are MUCH more than you think you are.

To Your Success,

Dr. Dorene Lehavi, Ph.D.,
Master Coach

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