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A Season to Celebrate Your Ultimate Gift... You

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A Season to Celebrate Your Ultimate Gift... You
November 2005
by Dorene Lehavi, Ph.D.: Motivational Article

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    I love birthdays. Your birthday means you are alive for another year and you have the hope and anticipation of the next one. Each year that we are alive we are being given the chance to be more, to learn, grow, expand, deepen relationships, and to enrich ourselves. New challenges await us. And each of us has our own unique journey.

For the past few years I've adopted the idea that a day of celebrating something so awesome as my life is not sufficient enough so I created the practice of celebrating my birth month. I have also made the whole fall season an addendum to my Oct. 30th birthday. When October rolls around, the anticipation of celebration begins.

Here are the things I do all month:

  • take stock of where I've been
  • make some plans for the coming year
  • decide on the type of celebration I want
  • get the calendar filled with friends and family members who want to celebrate with me
  • plan on buying myself something; sometimes a small thing, other times big
  • Pumpkins. I love anything pumpkin. I know my birthday is near when IHOP brings back their pumpkin pancakes and Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte appears. The rest of the year I am a true chocoholic, but given the choice, in my short season, I will go with the pumpkin!

This year was a giant birthday for me. On Oct. 30, 2005, my chronological age became 65. Many say, especially if you are a woman, you should not tell your age. I don't agree. For me the number is a badge to wear proudly.

First of all, I, like everyone else, have many ages. I look one age, feel another, and act another. All are legitimate. My chronological age is older than all of them, but it means a lot. It means that I have experienced 65 years of life.

It means I learned a lot. It means that I don't worry the small things and speak my mind more freely. It means I have more self-confidence and more humility. I believe I am wiser, but am also more aware of the limits of my knowledge.

I know the difference between true knowledge and information overload. I am more spiritual and more intent than ever to enjoy my life. I count my blessings with a greater appreciation than when I was younger. I resolve to do better and I concentrate on what is really important.

Ok, my birthday has now passed. My October is gone for another year and I am left with the colorful fall season and the holiday feelings that will carry through to the end of the year culminating and beginning anew on Jan. 1, 2006.

I hope I can inspire you no matter where your birthday/month falls on the calendar to find the good parts of yourself and strengthen those. Be kind to yourself and value each day of your life. We only have a short time down here to learn about ourselves, share our gifts, and leave our legacy.

I want to share my season with all of you by inviting you to appreciate yourself and those around you. My warmest wishes to you for the season of renewal, celebration and starting anew.

To Your Success,

Dr. Dorene Lehavi, Ph.D.,
Master Coach

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