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John Boe


“Adversity will never leave you where it found you; it will either strengthen your character or weaken your resolve.” -- John Boe

Principles of Persuasion: The Science of Selling! “While products and industries vary, fortunately the fundamentals of effective prospecting, persuasion and relationship-based selling remain the same. My results can be measured through decreased personnel turnover and increased sales effectiveness. I want to help you build a world class sales team!” ~ John Boe

John Boe is an entertaining speaker with a powerful message and a passion to help salespeople reach their full potential. He has devoted the last two-decades to training and motivating high-performance, successful salespeople. His knowledge has been synthesized into one of the most powerful sales training programs ever created on the subject of peak-performance selling and personal achievement!

Here are some publications that feature John's articles:

The Agent's Sales Journal
Sales and Marketing Excellence
The Canadian Institute of Management
GAMA International Journal


About the author: John Boe presents a wide variety of motivational and sales-oriented keynotes and seminar programs for sales meetings and conventions. John is a nationally recognized sales trainer and business motivational speaker with an impeccable track record in the meeting industry. To have John speak at your next event, visit or call 877 725-3750. Free Newsletter available on website.

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John Boe
John is a successful entrepreneur and an internationally recognized authority on customer service, body language and temperament styles. His motivational and sales training articles have been read by millions of people worldwide and translated into over a dozen languages.
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