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How To Avoid Wasting Your Most
Valuable Online Asset - TIME!

"Product Developer and Marketing 'Guru'"
Michael Green: President of "How To" Corp

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How To Avoid Wasting Your Most Valuable Online Asset - TIME!
by Michael Green: Creating & Selling Your Own Product Online

    If you're involved in an internet marketing business, then you've probably already come face-to-face with your #1 enemy - "Time Wasting".

What you need to know is that "Time Is Money". And this applies even more to the online world, than in regular business.

You see, anyone can become an online entrepreneur. It doesn't involve start-up capital or expensive equipment to start. A low grade PC and a net connection is all you need.

And since cash isn't really a barrier, time-management has become all the more critical. Your challenge for success is simply to get more done - in less time.

So what are the greatest online time wasters and what can you do to avoid them?

1. Retyping the same old thing time and time again.
2. Failing to manage your email effectively.
3. Getting sucked into pointless forum discussions.
4. Failing to set a goal, before you switch the computer on.

Retyping the same old thing time and time again.

This sounds simple. But stop and think how many times you retype the same old simple information.

Most people have cottoned on to automating their email signature, but you can go far beyond that when it comes to communicating words quickly.

Get yourself a clickboard or shortcut extender. This will enable you to write much faster and prevent you from ever having to type the same thing twice.

I use this utility http://www.howtocorp.com/typepilot, but there are lots of other useful typing assistant utilities available. Find a discussion on the subject on my forum:

Failing to manage your email effectively.

I know, there's so much spam flying around, but you should be attempting to win this war with a few weapons of your own installed on your computer.

i. Make sure you have a working piece of anti-spam software set up. Whilst sometimes the wrong messages will get trapped, the best software will still remove 98% of the emails that you don't want. Make sure they are filtered into a junk email file, so you can manually sift through them afterwards and pull back any that have been incorrectly assumed to be unwanted.

ii. Set up folders in your inbox and get yourself properly organized. I keep a folder for SALES, another one for FEEDBACK and others for JOINT VENTURES + many more.

Getting sucked into pointless forum discussions.

As someone who owns the fastest growing internet marketing forum, I can tell you the truth.

Forums can be incredible marketing resources, but they can also crucify huge amounts of your time by sucking you into discussions that you just don't need to have.

So structure your time and include some forum reading and posting - but avoid spending wasted hours in protracted debates with people who are never going to buy from you anyway.

Better still sign yourself up to a good weekly forum roundup and that way you can keep yourself up-to-date, but without checking in every minute of the day. My own 'How To' Forum is called TOP POSTS and you can receive it each Thursday by sending a blank email to topposts@howtocorp.par32.com

Failing to set a goal, before you switch the computer on.

It's so easy to sit down, decide you'll take a quick look at some website, only to enter a mini-time warp. Three hours later you look up and discover you've yet to do a thing.

The internet has an uncanny capacity to "Waste Your Time" and you've got to be resolute in your desire to beat off the temptation to click all those enticing links.

I avoid this problem by proactively thinking about what I plan to achieve each day... before I even sit down at my PC.

Remember, by the time you've turned on your monitor... it's already too late!

To your success!

Michael Green
Developer of the "Create & Sell Products Online" toolkit.

You can develop your own online business by following the step-by step advice of the above author, Michael Green. He has created a toolkit for anyone wanting to create their own successful online business. Michael's own range of online products are in the top 10 on ClickBank's marketplace, proving that he is a top online marketer himself. His latest toolkit shows you exactly how to follow in his footsteps, to create your own online business. Find out more at www.howtocorp.com

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