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Updated August 5, 2008
Free Software Resources


Below are some free software resources to help you run your Internet business. In some cases youíll find free resources do just as well as, or better than, the paid programs. Not always the case, but worth trying first.

#1: Free Software OpenOffice

This is similar to Microsoft Office. It contains a word processor, database program, spreadsheet, presentation program, and drawing software. It can handle many of the tasks you need in your business and it can even open up Office documents.

#2: Free Software PrimoPDF

PDF is the most recommended format for eBooks, and hereís how you create them for free. Actually if you do your homework, you can find several free PDF creating programs out there, but no need to list more than one here.

#3: Free Software Gimp

Edit graphics, photos, and more for Free. This is another free source program that often beats the paid solutions available. For free materials on how to use the program, go to:

#4: Free Software Gimpshop

This is a free add-on to make Gimp operate more like Photoshop. Many of the menus and other elements are very similar to Photoshop, so this becomes a nice alternative.

#5: Free Software Audacity

A very good solution for editing your audio files for either online use or for CDs you develop.

#6: Free Software PowerBullet

Create slideshows, auto-running presentations, and more. Very nice finished product. You can output the finished presentation as Flash or executable. The executable format is nice for tutorials and software documentation.

#7: Free Software Gmail

You can have Gmail pick up email from all your addresses and set to reply from each address. My favorite partÖsince itís web based I can use one computer at home and my laptop when Iím traveling without transferring anything over.

#8: Free Software Free Article Submission Software

Steven Lohrenz modified the open source program phplist to develop a very nice article marketing solution. Build a list of publishers and then use this software to submit unique articles to each one. Plus you can set and forget your article submission for weeks at a time with its scheduling. Itís a little tough to install, but a very good program.

#9: Free Software Kompozer

Kompozer is the more up-to-date version of the open source web design software Nvu. Create an attractive, professional-looking web site without needing to know HTML or web coding. I prefer Dreamweaver as Iíve used it for years, but this is a free program to help you get started.

#10: Free Software FileZilla

Open source FTP client for Windowís computers. Youíll need this for uploading and downloading files, pages, videos, PDFs, and more to your website.

#11: Free Software Article Dashboard

Run your own free article directory with this software. Let others submit their articles and content to your site. Very well done software and itís free although you do have to sign up for their list.

#12: Free Software Wordpress

This is the most common software for running a blog.

#13: Free Software phpBB

Easy to install discussion board/forum software. Many web hosts make it a one click install. Build an even stronger community around your site with a forum.

#14: Free Software Teleconference Calls

Not really software, but it belongs on this list anyway. Set-up your own conference call line with unlimited usage for up to 99 lines for free. Instant Conference is another company that does this for up to 150 lines.

#15: Free Software Skype

Make calls from your computer — free to other people on Skype and cheap to landlines and cell phones around the world.

#16: Free Software Google Analytics

Google Analytics is installed on almost all of my websites (and it should be on all of them). Simply add their code to the bottom of each of your pages and watch them track everything for your site. You can even set ďgoalsĒ for your site such as subscriptions or sales by adding the code to your thank you pages. Check on your conversion rates from your traffic this way. This is the basics of tracking your traffic at your site. Install it now.

#17: Free Software Google Optimizer

This is the 3rd tool from Google on the list. Anyone who has a Google Adwords account has access to this free split testing or multivariate testing solution. Set-up multiple test options such as your headline, photo, intro paragraph, price, and guarantee. Then let their optimizer test your page and put together the best performing page for you.

#18: Free Software eFax

People donít use a fax very often. But once in a while you may need to fax something, like a contract, or a client may want to send you a fax. You can fax and receive faxes right from your computer.

#19: Free Software osTicket

Set up your own support ticket system to handle any customer inquiries. Email is unreliable and a little harder for a team to track. There are several free support ticket options available. osTicket is one of the good ones.

#20: Free Software AVG

This is virus protection software. If you work online a lot, you will be exposed to viruses. Protect your computer with their free version or their paid version. Iíve found their software puts a lighter load on your processing power than most of the other options out there.

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