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Anyone Can Start
A Home-Based Business

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Anyone Can Start
A Home-Based Business

So many people work for, and depend on, an employer to pay them a wage. The same amount every week or every month. They look forward to a much needed raise at the end of the year -- if they get one.

They get up to the buzz of an alarm clock, rush to prepare themselves to rush out the door to rush to a job they spend most of their lives rushing to keep. Rush to punch the timeclock so they won't be docked late - in at 8 out at 3 - and, after rushing through the day, drive home through rush-hour traffic to spend what remains of their day rushing to meet family obligations. (Phew... What a Rush!?) They look forward to the weekend for some much-needed rest, but usually end up cramming a week's worth of "that can wait" into 48 hours.

Been there—done that—never again.

There are two major groups of people: Leaders and Followers.

A Leader is never happy working for someone else. They're always searching for new ways to improve their situation because they have a need to be in charge.

Most "Leaders" realize that they will never achieve the success they desire working for someone else, but are afraid to leave their job because of the "unknown" factor: could they survive on their own? There are bills to pay, a family to feed, college, and so on and so on. All valid excuses for not branching out on their own.

Because of these fears, many "Leaders" remain unhappy followers because they believe they have no choice.

But they do have a choice . . .

Let's take the example of a mother who has just had a baby and wants to stay at home with the child. Her employer only allows her six weeks maternity leave. If she doesn't go back to work, she will lose her job and her income. Her husband's salary alone is not enough to sustain them so she thinks she doesn't have a choice. She believes she has to follow the flow—find a trustworthy babysitter, arrange transport, etc.—and leave her newborn child in someone else's care.

However, there is an option. If this mother wants to stay at home with her baby she can start a home-based business and work at home. Depending on her skills, she can start a secretarial business, a daycare business, a cleaning business, a sell her arts and crafts, and many other home business opportunities. She can stay home, be with her new child, and make money.

A home-based business is good for the child, the mother, and the family as a whole.

One of those options is starting her own daycare or "babysitting" agency.

Other working mothers can trust a "mother-run" daycare center more than a commercial daycare. And because the daycare center is in this mother's home, she can charge 40%-50% less than commercial day care centers and probably make more money compared to her old job.

Check out these web sites for more information on starting a daycare business:

And, yes, there is a HUGE demand for Pet Care!

An important thing to remember: if you're considering starting your own home based business, look for information and products in which you have some skills. Too often people will look for products and services for which they have NO knowledge or experience. This means you will have a very steep learning curve, and you could become discouraged and consider yourself a failure. Make sure you have some knowledge or experience in the business you choose.

Following are some legitimate home businesses for your consideration.

Secretarial Business-In-A-Box

Do you have typing skills? Why not take advantage of your skills and start making money for yourself by starting a secretarial service? The Secretarial Business-in-a-Box provides the tools you need. Visit here to learn more and get your own business started today!

Jewelry Shopping Service

Unlock the secrets of a new way to sell your jewelry to customers who are VERY willing to buy from you, again and again, in Rena Klingenberg's ebook "Secrets of a Handcrafted Jewelry Shopping Service". Visit to learn more about this high demand niche!

Jewelry Designer

You can become a jewelry designer. In this Guide to Become a Jewelry Designer you will get expert advice to help you get hired as a jewelry designer and start your own successful jewelry design business. Click here to discover how you could get a job as a jewelry designer and start your own jewelry design business.

This is your first stop for locating information, resources and help in starting your home-based or retail Gift Basket business. They offer their Wholesale Directory with hundreds of vendors catering to the Gift Basket Entrepreneur. You don't need spend hours looking for the best ones - they've already done the work for you! Download their Business Plan Guide ebook today! Makes outlining and preparing your plan a simple task. Printable sample plan and more.

Children's Book Author

I highly recommend the "FabJob Guide to Becoming a Children's Book Author". It is a wonderful introduction for budding children's book authors and clearly offers the tools for getting published. Any writer who follows these guidelines and seriouly wishes to market their work, will benefit from this excellent resource." - Karen Moore Artl, Author, ABC Bible Storybook

Become a Fashion Designer

Get a Job as a Fashion Designer or Start Your Own Fashion Design Business. “You don't have to live in New York and work on 7th Avenue to have a large fashion design income and an international brand. All you need is solid talent and a willingness to get your goods in front of prospective buyers. Make marketing part of your overall startup strategy, and you can almost guarantee profits from the start.” - Diana Pemberton-Sikes, Diana is one of the experts who share advice on how to become a fashion designer and start a fashion design business in the "FabJob Guide to Become a Fashion Designer".

Become a Fashion Stylist

Get Paid to Help People Look Fabulous - Become an Image Consultant. Discover how to become an image consultant, fashion stylist, makeover consultant, wardrobe consultant, fashion consultant, color consultant, or any other career in image management.
Click Here to Discover How to Become a Fashion Stylist

Other Home Business Ideas

Dare to Dream! You CAN make your Dream Business or Career a reality! IF you have an interest; IF you have some experience or knowledge in the career of your choice; and IF you Dare to Try -- Your Dream Really IS possible! Visit Here to find the career you can be passionate about.

Dream Careers

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