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Candy Wrappers Checklist
by Liz Folger:

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Candy Wrappers Checklist
7 Steps to Follow When Starting Your Own Home Based Business
Published with permission from Liz Folger:

Custom wrapped candy bars are widely used in recent times to celebrate special events such as weddings, birthdays, birth announcements, school events, etc. If you are thinking of starting your own home venture, then this profession would be ideal for you! Candy wrapping involves covering candy bars with designed over wraps created by you.

In addition to the satisfaction of owning your own business, you get to take part in creating a wonderful product and a treasured memento for your clients.

The following steps would help you to start off on your new venture with ease.

1. Creation of the Business Plan

Before moving on to any of the following steps ensure that you have a solid business plan for your venture. Creation of a business plan is essential no matter how small your business maybe. It would enable you to focus and manage your business effectively.

In this you should also define the service/s which you are offering your clients. Whether it be only the creation of the over wraps or would include the wrapping of the product as well.

2. Verifying the Correct Equipment & Supplies

When considering the equipment, a computer and a color printer are the basic requirements. If you need to incorporate pictures, sent by your clients or taken by you into your designs, a scanner and a digital camera would be useful.

It is important to select the correct quality paper for printing. The weight of the paper should be specially considered, since heavier paper would be harder to wrap with.

A paper cutter and glue sticks or double sided tape, are the final supplies required to wrap up your product.

3. Selecting the Designing Software

To design the layouts of the candy covers you can either use a basic program such as Microsoft Word or other advanced programs such as Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, etc. The selection of the designing software solely depends on your ability to use these programs.

4. Purchase of Candy Bars

When purchasing candy bars it is better to buy in bulk as this would reduce your costs. But the purchasing should take place only when an order is received since it is not an item which you can keep in storage.

5. Fixing the Correct Price

Putting the correct price to your service is vital. You should never over price or sell your services short. Always consider all the expenses involved with your venture when fixing the price. It is also better to find out the competitive rates in the market.

6. Packaging and Shipping Your Product

Extra care should be taken when packing and shipping the product. Since candy bars can easily melt or be damaged, bubble wrapping the product and ensuring the correct temperature is maintained during shipping, is very important.

7. Forming the Marketing Strategy

Marketing your service is another vital step in this profession as this would ensure that you obtain a good clientele. The best marketing tool would be your own product. In addition to this you can utilize a website, business cards, advertisements, etc, to spread the word about the service which you offer.

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by Liz Folger:
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