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10 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Candy Wrapping Business
by Liz Folger:


10 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your
Candy Wrapping Business
Published with permission from Liz Folger:

The business of candy wrapping (and itís far more than just wrapping chocolate bars) is getting more and more popular. Personalized gifts and favors are always well received. Once your personalized gifts are seen at a wedding or being sold at a fundraiser, youíre going to start to get calls from other people and companies who will want to put in their order. Your candy/favor wrapping business just needs a little marketing so your business can get moving. Below youíll find 10 ways to market your candy wrapping business. Use one, five, or all the ideas that you need. One thing I do recommend is that you have a fun and use the marketing ideas that you enjoy the most. Because the more marketing ideas that sound like fun to you, the more youíll work at it and the more business you will find.

  1. Business Cards With any business you have itís key to have some type of business card. Making your business card unique is also a great way to get a future customerís attention. With a Candy wrapping business you can do this very easily. Take a small chocolate bar or a Lifesaver roll and print your business card on a wrapper to fit the candy. This is sure to make a tasty impression.

  2. Get Your Yummy Business Cards Into The Right Hands Now that you have your cards created, think about who youíd like to market your business to. You could start with event and wedding planners and specialty gift shop owners.

  3. Wedding Trade Shows Throughout the year there are several wedding trade shows. Think about booking a table at one of these shows to display your wedding favor ideas.

  4. Fundraising Organizations Your childrenís school might be the perfect place to start. Whatís great about this business is you can create some wonderful samples to show your potential client. Other groups might be daycares, sporting teams, and hospitals.

  5. Local Shops Is there something special about your town? Do you get a lot of tourists? What attracts them? Create a special wrapper for your particular area. For more options offer seasonal themes like Halloween, Christmas, Easter and the Fourth of July.

  6. Press Releases Get the word out on your business by writing a press release for your local newspapers and local TV news stations. To help them remember you even more, create a special candy bar with the reporters name on it.

Online Marketing Ideas

  1. Website Have a website so your customers can check out your work 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Include that website URL on all your marketing materials like your business cards.

  2. eNewsletter Get the email address of all your customers. This way you can send them a monthly or quarterly enewsletter that tells them about your specials and new products or ideas that you have. Include some freebie ideas like new party trends and ideas. Make the enewsletter something your customers are going to want to receive.

  3. Network Network with those who have similar businesses. With the Internet you can do business with a wedding planner in another state. You no longer have to do business just with the people who are in your local town. This is especially good news for those who live in very small towns.

  4. Post On Message Boards and Mailing Lists. Find wedding and fundraising idea sites. The key here is not to promote your business blatantly. Just answer questions, be helpful, and then include a nice signature line that includes your name, name of business, URL and email address.

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How To Start A Candy Wrapping Business

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by Liz Folger:
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