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How to Create a Dream Job
by Tag and Catherine Goulet

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How to Create a Dream Job
Published with permission from FabJob.

If you decided to quit your job after reading our article Is It Time to Quit Your Job?, you might be wondering when your ideal new position will appear. It may surprise you to know that even if the job you want doesn't currently exist, you might be able to get it anyway.

How? By creating it. Every job that exists today was created when a company decided someone was needed to fill that role. Of course many new positions are initiated within a company, but some are created when job-hunters persuade employers to hire them for a brand new position.

To create a job, you need to know what value you can bring to an employer that will outweigh the costs of hiring you. Some things that employers see as "costs" when they hire you are:

  • your salary and benefits
  • resources you'll need to do your job (e.g. a computer)
  • time of other staff members to train you
  • time of your supervisor to oversee your work

You therefore need to convince an employer that you would bring more value than just the cost of your salary. Examples of what employers may see as valuable include:

  • increasing profits by getting more sales
  • increasing profits by reducing costs
  • freeing up your boss's time to do more important work
  • reducing your boss's frustration by doing tasks they don't like doing

For example, a busy professional might hire you to be their assistant if you can convince them that, with your help, they could do more of the tasks they enjoy and fewer of the tasks they don't enjoy, while being able to take on more clients and earn more money.

Chandra Prasad, author of Outwitting the Job Market: Everything You Need to Locate and Land a Great Position says, "It's not enough to make general comments about how you'd be an important addition to the team. You'll need to create a detailed business plan for your future position. When you come in for an interview, share this business plan so that the employer understands exactly what your job would entail and specifically how it would benefit the company, especially in terms of profitability and cost-cutting."

One possibility is to create a position that will bring in more revenue to a company. For example, if you want to get a job in wedding planning, a company that occasionally provides services for weddings (such as a caterer, florist, or resort) might hire you to set up a new "wedding department" if you explain how you could increase profits by getting more clients for the company with your new department.

To create a job for yourself, you need to deal directly with someone who has the authority to hire new people. This doesn't mean contacting the human resources (HR) department of a large company. HR fills positions that already exist. If you want to create a new position, you will need to speak with the appropriate department manager or, in a smaller company, the owner.

And if you haven't quit your job yet, remember that it's usually a good idea to line up a new one first!

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by Tag and Catherine Goulet

Tag and Catherine Goulet are authors of Dream Careersand founders of FabJob Inc. Visit to discover how to break into the career of your dreams.

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by Tag and Catherine Goulet:
Sisters Tag and Catherine Goulet are the Dream Career Experts. In 1999 they founded, a publisher of guides on how to break into a dream career, which has been visited by 50 million people. They have been featured giving career advice in media from ABC to and Woman's Day to the Wall Street Journal online, and their career advice appears frequently on the career pages at and They are authors of the book Dream Careers: How to Quickly Break into a Fab Job!. Visit to discover how to break into a dream career.

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