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Tips for Buying And Using Face Paints Properly
by Easy Face Painting

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Tips for Buying And Using
Face Paints Properly
Published with permission from Easy Face Painting.

Easy Face Painting has been the 'go-to' guide for non-professional, beginner face painters since 2005.

It is a simple step-by-step instructional guide that helps parents, volunteers, teachers, any non-professional face painter learn the basic skills and the most popular cheek art designs in order to have a successful Face Painting event.


  1. Make sure the package explicitly states that the paints are for painting faces and skin.

  2. Purchase only FDA-compliant Face Paints, Glitter and other supplies.

  3. Face paints are produced in an array of bright, bold colors. Buy the brightest, boldest colors you can find.

  4. Shop for face paint kits large enough for the type of event you are painting. The packaging will tell you how many 'faces' that particular product will paint. If you are simply painting cheek art, most palettes will last a lot longer than the package states.

  5. If you are painting outdoors in how weather, place your face paints on ice (or a freezer block) to minimize melting.

  6. Practice often with your new Face Paints before the big event.

  7. Use separate paintbrushes for each color family of Face Paint. This will alleviate mixing colors accidentally which could make your face paints muddy or dirty.

  8. DO NOT use craft paints or acrylic paints instead of authentic face paints. It may seem like it's not a big deal to using another type of paint, but allergic reactions can result from using something other than FACE paint.

  9. Rinse your face paint brushes and other tools with clean water after each event. Let air dry.

  10. Do not use face paints on someone with cuts, abrasions, rash or sensitive skin. Offer to paint their arm, wrist or leg instead.

And the Last Tip for Buying and Using Face Paints: Be Brave. Have Fun. Don't Worry. Children are very forgiving and the process of having their face painted is almost as fun as the end result!

Once you possess basic skills along with the proper supplies, the possibilities are endless. What started as a search for face painting designs for a one-time event could easily turn into a passion for a new business. Who knows? Anything is possible!

Easy Face Painting is the guide that first-time face painters have used to guide them through their very first face painting event. Whether it's a birthday party, charity fundraiser, school festival or community picnic, Face Painting is a popular activity with kids of all ages and Easy Face Painting makes it, well, Easy!

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