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Checklist for Starting Your Online Jewelry Store
by Liz Folger, Work-at-home mom expert
and founder of


Checklist for Starting Your Online Jewelry Store
Published with permission from Liz Folger:

With the advancement of the internet, you now have the opportunity to launch and manage your own jewelry store from the comfort of your home. If you are already crafting jewelry items as a hobby, this is the chance for you to take it one step further and obtain an income from doing what you love.

The following checklist will assist you to start your online jewelry store with ease.

1. Required Skills

Before starting off you should first decide whether you possess the effort, time and skills required to make this into a successful venture. If you are planning on designing and crafting your own jewelry items to sell, then you should have a creative flair and a passion to carry it out. Also since the trends and designs have the habit of varying constantly in this industry, you should have the ability to keep yourself always abreast of these changes. Furthermore you should be a self motivated and organized individual with a willingness to learn new things in order to keep yourself ahead of your competitors.

2. Researching The Latest Trends

Due to the volatility of this industry, it is vital that you are always attentive of the latest trends and changes. One of the best places to obtain this information is from the internet. You should visit other jewelry sites, conduct searches on the search engines and visit online auction sites to obtain good examples of what type of jewelry people prefer to sell or buy. Another good source would be women’s magazines. Also visit local jewelry stores, galleries, boutiques in order to acquire a basic idea of what sells.

3. Researching Your Target Audience

It is important to research the market in order to identify the type of customers that your business can profit from the most. The two main factors to consider when deciding on your target audience are the gender and the age group. As a rule when considering the gender, you should always target the women especially when starting out in this business. Even though there is a jewelry market for men, it is very exclusive and small. You have a better chance of selling your products if you stick to the majority market. Jewelry is an accessory which is loved by grown ups as well as children. And the preferred trends and designs differ with each age group. So you need to discover which age group is more likely to buy your designs.

4. Business Plan

A business plan will help you to always focus on the service which you are providing and also manage the growth of your business. So it is always advisable to create a business plan, no matter how small your venture maybe, because planning is the key to success.

5. Website Creation

Since the website is your jewelry store, it plays a vital role in your venture. Your visitors should be welcomed with a user friendly, easy to navigate, well designed site which is able to retain their interest. Especially pay attention to the way your products are displayed. Always upload professionally or well taken photographs of your designs with quick download times. When selecting the business name make sure that it is a short, easy to pronounce, memorable and meaningful name. An e-commerce application would be required for your website in order to run the store, display the products, manage the inventory and handle the checkout process. Since most of the online transactions are carried out through credit cards and other online payment options you should be acquire a PayPal account as well.

6. Packaging Your Products

The end look of the product, which you deliver to the customer, does make a difference in keeping your customers coming back to do business with you. Most people purchase jewelry as a gift item for their loved ones. So if you provide an elegant package for the jewelry items you sell, this will not only make the customer happy and save his/her valuable time but also make a lasting impression on him/her. Since you would be providing the packaging it doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate only simple and elegant. You can use velvet boxes/bags, mini jars, tin boxes, satin purses, cardboard boxes, etc., in order to provide the finishing touches required to make your product stand out.

7. Fixing the Correct Price

When fixing the price for your jewelry items, make sure the price you select is able to cover all the expenses you endured as well as leave you with a decent profit. You should always take into consideration the cost of resources, cost of supplies, packaging expenses, overhead costs and very importantly the time and effort spent in creating a particular piece of jewelry. Also check out the prices of your competitors. This will enable you to obtain a fair idea of the market prices. Furthermore it would be beneficial when fixing the final price to keep in mind future expansions. Fix your price in such a way that it allows some freedom for you to expand your business in future without any difficulty.

8. Marketing Your Website

In the absence of a physical store, marketing your website is vital to obtain success in your venture. You can utilize online marketing techniques as well as offline marketing techniques to spread the word regarding your online store. Register your website with search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc. in order for people to find your site easily. Also join up with online auction sites, online discussion groups/ forums and online directories. Furthermore add a blog area in your website. This will enable you to interact with your customers which in turn would be extremely beneficial for your business. To create awareness of your venture offline, you can utilize posters, banners, flyers, business cards, sales letters, emails as well as advertisements in papers, magazines, local directories and the Yellow Pages. You can also add your website address to all your personal and business correspondences. For example your business cards, emails, letter heads, envelopes, etc. should contain your web address. Networking is another effective way to spread the word regarding your services.

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