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Review of Kids Photography Business
by JoAnne Westcott and Nicole Dean


Review of Kids Photography Business
by JoAnne Westcott and Nicole Dean

There are plenty of people out there telling you what business you should start and how you should do it, but the truth is only you know which business is right for you. The only way to find this out is to explore your options. That's where the eGuides over at come in.

The eGuides give practical information on starting your own home business and it's all laid out in a very easy to understand, and comprehensive manner. One such eGuide I came across is the Kids Photography Business eGuide.

I was a little skeptical with this one because I was thinking, "I'm not a professional photographer, how can I possibly make a business out of taking photographs?"

The guide showed me how though. It talked about how I can go from having just regular photography skills to gaining the skills needed to present a professional business that offers a real service.

I can now see myself as an actual professional Kids Sports Photographer.

I'm very pleased with the guide and how Nicole and JoAnne have put together all the steps and information you need to get going on this.

What's included:
  • How to get the skills you need to start a professional business.
  • What training you will need for a solid foundation.
  • Why you need professional equipment.
  • How to go about getting business.
  • How to create a plan.
  • Time Management tips.
  • Where to find events and what to charge.
  • Marketing tools and techniques.
  • Information on setting up as a real business.
  • How to set up a website.
  • Extra things to expand your business.
  • Tips to do and things to avoid doing.

One thing I really love is that the guide is easy to read, understand and implement. All the information is practical and there are two great Marketing Techniques sure to get anyone going with new business.

The only place I think it could be improved upon is possibly having some photos of the types of poses or portraits that a typical Sports Photographer would do, this would be helpful for someone new to get a good idea of they types of photos to take.

The SweatStory Success Interview is a great source of inspiration and ideas for a Kids Sports Photography business.

In the appendix section there is a great checklist that I didn't even notice at first that lists everything you need for setting up your business, getting the supplies and items to bring to an event.

All together for a great price you get a 30-page eGuide, a SweatStory Success interview and some great resources.

The great thing about this eGuide is that you'll find the confidence to really get going on starting a successful business. The guide just lays it out so well that even someone who's never considered this as a business will be seriously doing so once they're through.

Take a look for yourself, you'll see what I mean:

JoAnne Westcott & Nicole Dean are two moms who met online back in 2001 -- both searching for ways to work from home. They both stumbled and bumbled and learned some hard lessons -- and both came out with successful businesses. Over the years, they've remained friends, and have compiled their expertise to form Just Add Sweat, LLC -- to help other moms to find legitimate business ideas.

JoAnne Wescott and Nicole Dean are two ladies who take the no-nonsense approach to offering ideas and advice on starting your own business. They created their website and eGuides with the idea that they will provide the business ideas and instruction, and all you need to do is Just Add Sweat.

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