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Networking Know-How
by Marjorie Brody
CSP, CMC, PCC, CPAE Speaker Hall Of Fame

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Networking Know-How
Published with permission from FabJob.

Speaking Your Way to the Top: Making Powerful Business Presentations; Published: October 18, 1997

Every day in business people are presented with opportunities to network. Successful networkers have the ability to enter a room where they don't know anyone, and make beneficial contacts before they leave.

Networking can occur anywhere, and it's important that you are ready to capitalize on any such chances. One never knows who they might run into that could be a good business contact -- whether you are in a grocery store, movie theater, plane, elevator, restaurant or conference.

The business card -- in good shape and readily available -- is one of the most important networking tools. I never go anywhere without a handful. One day this preparedness paid off -- when I was on a skiing vacation, I gave my companion on the lift my card. It turns out she was in a position to book my services ... and did!

Even if your company doesn't print cards for you, spend some money and have a calling card -- name and personal contact information -- printed. Or, do it on your home computer and printer using various business card software templates that are available.

If you do make contact with someone you want to speak to again, ask for their card, then give them yours. This way you can make the next move and contact them. I also like to jot down a note or two on the back of the card -- where we met, what we talked about, and I want to do when I return to the office (send them articles, follow up with a phone call, etc.).

If they don't have a card, use one of yours, cross out your information (ensuring you don't accidentally give someone else this card), and write their contact details on the back. Enter all business card information in your computer database or Rolodex as soon as you return, and, most importantly, do what you promise! Business cards should be given to the gatekeeper as well as the decision maker.

Effective networking can only enhance your career -- adding new clients and, with follow up, building valuable and lasting business relationships.

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by Marjorie Brody
CSP, CMC, PCC, CPAE Speaker Hall Of Fame

Marjorie Brody, A Speaker Who Connects With Audiences & Shares Strategies for Professional Savvy & Success, is author of many successful books. For more than 20 years, Marjorie Brody has been helping people break through the invisible walls of poor communications and career development. Her energetic message, interactive methods and proven strategies help people get what they want and advance their careers ... in turn helping their companies to grow and profit. Visit, call
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