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Dream Career: Personal Fitness Trainer
by Tag and Catherine Goulet

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Dream Career: Personal Fitness Trainer
Published with permission from FabJob.
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Creative Ways to Train Clients

Doing the same exercises time and again gets boring.  As you train your clients over long periods of time, you may encounter this phenomenon in the form of no-shows or yawns.  A good rule of thumb is: if you're bored, your client probably is too.

If your client is no longer committed to the program you have developed, the burden falls on you to find a program they can commit to.

For beginners, it's sometimes necessary to do the same workouts over and over until they build strength and endurance.  But once they get strong and can do more, you can be creative and do fun things with your client.


Go for a walk or run with your client and make it interesting.  Sprint to objects in the distance or race each other.  Every five minutes stop and do pushups or jumping jacks.  Go to the park and toss a football or volleyball.  Make the workout a game.

Make exercise INTERESTING for your clients


You and your client could join a fitness club such as a walking or running club that meets regularly.


Set up different stations where your client will go from exercise to exercise with no rest.  Have them do a different exercise every two minutes without stopping (i.e., two minutes of push ups followed by two minutes of jump roping, etc.).  Use your imagination and make it fun by turning on some music.


Set up obstacle courses in the back yard.  Use anything you can find. . . playground equipment, old tires, ladders, etc.

Obstacle Course


Once a month, designate a day in which the client decides what kind of workout they'll do.  Have them pick a specific muscle group to focus on, or an activity they've always wanted to try.

The point is to make your sessions interesting and try to associate exercise with fun.  This will keep your clients coming back for more sessions while teaching them that exercise doesn't have to be boring.

Here are some more ways to keep your clients coming back for more . . .

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by Paige Waehner
Become a Personal Trainer is authored by Paige Waehner, who has helped hundreds of personal training clients achieve their health and fitness goals over the past 15 years. Certified through American Council on Exercise (ACE), International Sports & Sciences Association (ISSA), 24 Hour Fitness and Apex's Accelerated Results nutritional program. Paige is co-author of the book The Buzz on Exercise and Fitness and has written many fitness-related articles as the Exercise Guide at is featured in Woman's World Magazine ("Land Your Dream Job" article, April 2007).

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