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7-Point Checklist to Start your Online Tutoring Business
by Liz Folger, Work-at-home mom expert
and founder of

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7-Point Checklist
to Start Your Online Tutoring Business
Published with permission from Liz Folger:

Due to the lack of individual attention students are receiving in school and the lack of time parents have to help their children with schoolwork, tutoring, especially online tutoring is becoming an immensely popular profession in the modern era.

Online tutoring is when the tutor and the student set aside a time to conduct their lessons through instant messaging services such as Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc. Owing to advantages such as working from home, more time to spend with your family, having more flexibility and the reduction of costs and time involved with commuting, many people prefer to stay at home and start their own online tutoring business.

If you are interested in starting your own online tutoring business the following checklist will help you to establish it hassle-free.

1. Select the Subject/Subjects to Tutor

A degree or a license is not required to tutor from your own home. But when tutoring you should select subject/s in which you have an in-depth knowledge. And when you are starting off in the business it is especially advisable to start off with one or two subjects. With experience you can increase the number of subjects, but it is recommended that you limit the total number of subjects to four.

2. Choose the Potential Students to Offer Your Services

In the tutoring profession the list of potential students are endless. They could be elementary students, high school students, university students or even elderly citizens. Depending on the subject/s which you have selected to tutor, you can choose your target students.

3. Decide on your Commitment to the Venture

Tutoring can be carried out as a part time or full time business. You should decide on your commitment to the venture taking into consideration the amount of time and effort you can spare.

4. Fix Your Tutoring Rates

The rate you charge will differ based on the demand for the subject and what others are charging to tutor similar subjects. Also if you have less experience it is better to start off with a lower price than that of your competitors till you are able to gain adequate experience and prove your value in the field.

5. Market Your Services

“Word of Mouth” is the biggest marketing tool used in this profession. When the students are performing well in the subjects with your help, the parents will naturally spread the word about you to others. In addition to this, it is also better to market your services through flyers, testimonials, referrals, newsletters and business cards. Having a website is another significant way to market your online tutoring venture.

6. Be Professional

Being professional goes a long way in this industry. Preparing your sessions in advance, knowing your subjects and any content changes which have taken place, sticking to the schedule decided by you and the student and giving progress updates to students and their parents are ways in which you can display your professionalism.

7. Manage Your Tutoring Relationship

Once you have enrolled a student it is important to have a standard set of procedures in order to manage your tutoring relationship. Also you should have a “procedures and policy” document which outlines how cancellations, rescheduling and repayments should take place. You should also specify the payment options which are available and when the payments should be made.

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