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How To Successfully Market a Home-Based Tutoring Business
by Liz Folger, Work-at-home mom expert
and founder of


How To Successfully Market
a Home-Based Tutoring Business
Published with permission from Liz Folger:

So you like the idea of starting your own tutoring business. Great! Now how do you go about finding students? Since hiring a tutor is becoming more popular all the time, there are plenty of potential students waiting for you to help them, and willing to write you a nice check after each session.

Word Of Mouth Is FREE And Your #1 Marketing Tool

One thing youíre going to learn very quickly is that tutoring is a word of mouth type of business. Once you get one parent who is thrilled with you because their child is getting better grades, youíre going to find that parent praising your name. After that, it wonít be long before you start having other parents pounding on your door begging you to help their kids.

Contact Schools

But youíre still right where we started just a few sentences ago. You still need that first student. Letís say you want to tutor middle school math. I would try to contact middle school math teachers, counselors, and principles and tell them about your tutoring business. Talk to them about your background and show them your resume. Explain why you are such a great tutor, and can really help students who are struggling with math or whatever subjects you want to tutor.

Thereís a chance you have children and already have a relationship with the teachers you would like to contact about your tutoring business. This is always better, because the teacher already knows and trusts you and is more apt to send you future students.

Spread the word of your new tutoring business among all your friends, neighbors, and family members. These people are key. They know you already! Just like teachers you might already know. They are more apt to recommend you to someone because they like and trust you.

Advertise Your Business Using The Written Word

You might think you need to hurry and pay for an ad somewhere to get that first student. Use that as your last resort. Donít be afraid to make up some flyers and post them in the area where your future students or their parents might be. Check out local parenting publications and see if you could write an article for them outlining what to look for when hiring a tutor. There wonít be any mention of your business in the article, but there will be the opportunity to include a byline that says youíre a tutor. As the writer of that article, you are seen as an expert tutor and can easily get business this way.

Here is a list of possible places and groups you could contact to market your business:

  • Parents
  • Home school Groups
  • Schools
  • Students needing to learn a second language
  • Aftercare Programs
  • Day Cares
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • YMCA

Marketing Material

Before you even think of trying to find one student, make sure you have business cards made. Youíre going to need something to leave with people so they remember you and can contact you later. Business cards are a must! If you can create a brochure about your service, what you offer, your background etc, that would be nice to give away too.

You can also take it one step further and create an online brochure by having a website. This way people can check out your business whenever itís convenient for them. This is a great way for parents to contact you, ask questions, find out what you charge, and to make appointments with you. Once you start to have more and more students, ask for testimonials to place on your website and include in brochures. Testimonials are a great marketing tool. If someone is saying good things about your business, your future customers should hear about it.

Believe In Yourself

One marketing tool that works above all others is to believe that you are a great tutor. Donít be afraid to talk about your credentials and background. Include this information on your website, resume, and any letters that you might send to school counselors, teachers, and principles. The more information you include, the more credibility youíll have.

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Liz Folger is the founder of The #1 Goal of is to help women find a business they are proud to own, and then help them, step-by-step, make their home business dream a reality. has been helping moms become business owners since 1997. The site offers many resources from online chats to e-books and online classes. Just recently theyíve added home business career kits that are proving to be quite popular and much needed.

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by Liz Folger:
Liz Folger is a Work-at-home Mom Expert. For more information on starting this business visit:!

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