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How to Become a Virtual Assistant Review
by JoAnne Westcott and Nicole Dean, Just Add Sweat

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How to Become a Virtual Assistant Review
Published with permission from JoAnne Westcott and Nicole Dean

One of the fastest growing home-based businesses today is Virtual Assisting. This isn't a fluke thing; it's happening because companies large and small are finally embracing the fact that it's smarter and more cost effective to outsource much of their work. There's a high demand for assistants with specialized skills to do the various time-consuming tasks that business owners don't want to do.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) doesn't necessarily require specialized training depending on the services you offer. You can build a highly successful business without any certifications at all.

What it is and who it's for

How to Become a Virtual Assistant walks you step-by-step through the process of starting and operating your very own VA business.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant is for anyone looking to work from home. It's for those who want control over their schedules, who want to decide how much they earn per hour, who wants the freedom to take a day off when they want. How to Become a Virtual Assistant really is for everyone.

What You Get

The How to Become a Virtual Assistant course includes:

  • 2 hours of audio outlining everything from getting a business license to keeping your clients happy.
  • Accompanying workbook with notes
  • 5 customizable website templates to get you started
  • A professional newsletter template so you can stay in touch with your readers and clients
  • A video critique of a new VA's website to show you how to optimize your site for maximum results.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant is full of real advice by real virtual assistants who have found success. They offer this information so you can avoid costly mistakes.

What you can expect to learn

How to Become a Virtual Assistant teaches prospective Virtual Assistants everything from how to set up their business to how to keep clients coming back for more. It walks you through choosing domain names, hosting and even offers website templates so all you have to do is fill in your content. It covers how using a blog and a newsletter can help increase your business and you'll learn about price and payment options, advertising, contracts and retainers.

What it costs

How to Become a Virtual Assistant sells for $47.00. A worthwhile expense when you look at what you'll be earning as a Virtual Assistant.

Check it out for yourself.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

JoAnne Westcott & Nicole Dean are two moms who met online back in 2001 -- both searching for ways to work from home. They both stumbled and bumbled and learned some hard lessons -- and both came out with successful businesses. Over the years, they've remained friends, and have compiled their expertise to form Just Add Sweat, LLC -- to help other moms to find legitimate business ideas.

JoAnne Wescott and Nicole Dean are two ladies who take the no-nonsense approach to offering ideas and advice on starting your own business. They created their website and eGuides with the idea that they will provide the business ideas and instruction, and all you need to do is Just Add Sweat.

How to Become a VA: Be Your Own Boss

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