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7-Point Checklist to Set Up Your Own Welcome Service Business
by Liz Folger, Work-at-Home Expert


7-Point Checklist to Set Up Your Own
Welcome Service Business
Published with permission from Liz Folger:

Are you an outgoing person who likes to meet and befriend new people? Would you like to personally welcome your new neighbors and help them acquaint themselves with the community and the local businesses? Then "Welcome Service" is the perfect venture for you!

In this profession you get paid to personally welcome new residents in your community and provide them with a free welcome bag which contains ads, coupons and freebies from the local businesses along with useful information regarding the neighborhood.

Interested in starting your own welcome service business? The following checklist will guide you through the setting up process with ease.

1. Creation of Business Plan

The creation of the business plan is the first step to be taken when starting a venture no matter how small it may be. A business plan helps you to guide your business in the correct path. Information such as the business history, business summary, designing and production plans and financial plans should be noted here.

2. Finding Your Target Market

A welcome service need not be focused only on new residents. You can offer your services to newly wed couples, families with new babies, students, etc. Before starting off on your venture you should research and find out your target market in your community. For example, if there is a university located in your area, your target market can be the students. Since every year, new students shift into your community.

3. Searching for Sponsors/Local Businesses

Sponsors play a major role in your venture, since you are paid by them. Your local businesses would be willing to sign up with you as you are providing them with inexpensive and personalized target marketing. Your sponsors could range from grocery shops, greeting card stores and barber shops to sports centers, movie theaters and local banks. Selecting one or two businesses from each category will give a privileged feeling to your sponsor as well as making your offer more lucrative.

4. Signing Up Sponsors

After selecting the sponsors the next step would be to sign up with them. It is important that you properly explain the service which you are offering and the benefits it would yield to the business owner. Once the business owner is willing to sponsor your newcomer welcome bag, you can sign up a contract with him/her for a particular period of time. A contract is extremely beneficial in protecting your interests as well as your sponsors.

5. Designing the Welcome Bag and Sponsor Ads

You can have loads of fun and excitement designing your welcome bag. Whether it is a plastic bag or a paper bag, bright and colorful or sleek and elegant, what shape it should be, all these different choices lies in your hands. The welcome bag would be a visual representation of your business. But you should always remember that the main focus should be on the ads in the bag. The designing and printing of the sponsor ads also should be done by you. You can either use a pre-designed template for all the ads or design each ad uniquely using the information provided by the sponsors.

6. Fixing the Correct Price

When fixing the price always remember to incorporate all your venture expenses into it. For example the cost for traveling, printing the ads, designing the bags, etc. Also you should take into consideration the competitive advertising rates in the market.

7. Marketing Your Venture

Marketing your services is vital since it enables you to establish your business and obtain good sponsors. Your welcome bag would be the main marketing tool. In addition to this you can also utilize business cards, a website, flyers, marketing letters, etc. to spread the word about your services to your potential sponsors.

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by Liz Folger:
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