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Studies show that most working people will change careers—not just jobs—several times during their lives. Some changes will be minor, others will be major shifts; some will require additional education and training, others will not.

Some career changes will be caused by the loss of a job while others will be voluntary. Some career changes will be long, hard struggles, and others will be simple.

Most importantly though, a career change can mean the difference between sleepless nights and a life of personal fulfillment and business / career success.

It's my opinion that we have two, clear choices; we can continue to crush lemons for someone else or we can choose to make our own lemonade.

Will it be an easy choice? In most cases, yes, because we already know where our passions, strengths and experiences lie. The trick is in choosing a career/job/business that will highlight those strengths—whether it's a corporate CEO or a house keeper. If you do what you enjoy, you will enjoy what you do and do it better.

Who can have their own home business? Anyone can! Will they all be successful? Unfortunately, No.

In most cases, when a business fails, it's not because effort wasn't applied, or because the business wasn't necessary. You know you've worked your heart out! Most often it's because we quit too soon or we really didn't have the drive and desire or knowledge for the type of business we chose. We focused our efforts in the wrong direction.

If you don't enjoy what you do, potential customers will pick-up on it and your attitude will follow them until they leave—probably without purchasing what they visited for in the first place, and worse than that—with a very poor impression of you and your business.

Here's an example:


"Excuse me? Do you have whatchamacallits?"


"I think so. Look over there."


"Where over there? I don't see them."


"In the third aisle, I think, somewhere by the thingamajigs."

During the whole exchange, the Discouraged Owner never once looked at the Customer and continued working. Odds are the Customer left, without purchasing the whatchamacallits or anything else they may have browsed, had the Discouraged Owner shown just a little enthusiasm.

A good way to have handled this situation, even if you do NOT like what you're doing, would have been to smile, stop what you were doing, and give the customer your full attention and full directions to the item they are searching for. Of course, finding the requested item for the customer would be the best way to handle the situation.

Your attitude and demeanor account for at least 90% of any sale. If you're working a career or business that keeps dragging you downward, it's also holding back your success and impacting your family and your whole outlook on life.

It just might be time to reconsider your career options.

In this section of, we hope to assist you in finding those career options. We offer Career Guides from the world's leading publisher of information about dream careers, We offer guides and tools created by very successful work at home moms; women who know how to make their dream of working from home come true and share their wisdom and success with others.

Search through our huge list of career guides and valuable career advice. Discover what it really takes to make your dream a reality!

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