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This page contains home business ideas, information, resources and programs, including Job and Business Guides that will assist you in starting, running and marketing your new or existing business or career.

Become a Jewelry Designer

8 Steps to a New Career Thinking of a career change but don't know where to begin? Let these eight steps be your guide.

Quiz: Is It Time To Quit Your Job? Try this Quiz to see how many "quitting signs" are true for you.

How to Identify Your Job Skills and Experience: taking inventory of your jobs skills and experience can help you when considering a job change.

To Find Your Dream Career Look at Your Life Experiences. Did you know that a record of your "life experiences" can be a valuable career tool? For example, if you did missionary work, joined an expedition, or ran away with the circus - but didn't do it "officially" - that qualifies as a life experience.

Quiz: What's Your Dream Career? This Quiz will help you start to identify the type of jobs you'd most likely enjoy.


  • *NEW* Ice Cream Shop Owner
    - This Guide to shows you how to Open Your Own Ice Cream Shop.
  • Image Consultant
    - Exciting high-paying job showing people and companies how to make a fabulous impression. (Resource: Could You Be an Image Consultant?)
  • Import/Export Business
    - You don't need any specialized training or experience to succeed--this guide teaches you everything you need to know to become an import/export professional. We even include overviews of 16 foreign markets to help you get up and running--and making money--quickly.
  • Independent Contractor
    - The Consulting Solution is an excellent source of information for young entrepreneurs interested in starting their own consulting practice.
  • Interior Decorator
    - "Imagine having a rewarding, high-paying job that lets you use your creativity to make homes and businesses more beautiful and comfortable. . ."
  • Interior Designer
    - How to Prosper as an Interior Designer : A Business and Legal Guide (Hardcover) by Robert L. Alderman; "One of the first things a client is likely to ask is, 'How much do you charge?'..."
  • Internet Tourism Business
    - Internet Marketing for Your Tourism Business: Proven Techniques for Promoting Tourist-Based Businesses over the Internet (Paperback) by Susan Sweeney
  • Interpreter/Translator
    - (Resource: Dream Career: Interpreter/Translator)
  • Inventor
    - (Resource: Careers That Make A Difference)



  • Landscaping
    - Valuable insider advice on all aspects of making it in the landscaping business. Find out how the owner of the largest residential landscape company in Southern California got started, and valuable tips for success from more than a dozen other successful owners of both small and large landscape companies. (Resources: Landscaping Tips and Design Ideas)
  • Landscaping
    - How to Start a Home-Based Landscaping Business, 4th (Paperback) by Owen Dell
  • Landscaping
    - Start & Run A Landscaping Business (Start & Run a) (Paperback) by Joel LaRusic
  • Laundry Service
  • Lawn Care Business
    - Your Lawn Care Business Marketing Plan; Step-by-step guide to growing a profitable lawn business. (Resources: Information on Lawn Care; Organic Lawn Care Business)
  • Lawn Maintenance
    - Start Your Own Lawn Care Business (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up) (Paperback) by Eileen Figure Sandlin; "When you think back to the long, lazy summers of your youth, chances are your recollections are full of achingly nostalgic memories like an oversized..." (Resource: Information on Lawn Care)
  • Lawnmower Care & Repair
    - Small Engine Care & Repair: A step-by-step guide to maintaining your small engine (Briggs & Stratton) (Paperback)
  • Life Coach
    - Help People Achieve Success; A very rewarding, high-paying career. Discover how to become a life coach and start a life coaching business. Be a coach, a life coach, a success coach, a personal coach, a business coach, a career coach, an executive coach, a professional coach, and do coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, personal coaching, career coaching, leadership coaching, management coaching, professional coaching, corporate coaching, employee coaching, relationaship coaching, and personal life coaching.
  • Limousine Service
    - How to Start and Operate a Limousine Service (Plastic Comb - March 1992) by Randell Nyborg
  • Locksmith
    - Tools, manuals, how-to for the locksmith and the beginner.


  • Magazine Publisher
    - Publish Your Own Magazine, Guide Book, or Weekly Newspaper : How to Start Manage, and Profit from a Homebased Publishing Company (Culture Tools) (Paperback - 2002) by Thomas A. Williams
  • Magazine Publisher
    - How to Start a Magazine (Hardcover) by James Kobak
  • Magician
    - Big Book of Magic Tricks (Dover Books on Magic) (Paperback) by Karl Fulves; "Learn to do astounding feats with few or no props and a minimum of sleight of hand. . ."
  • Mail Order Business
    - Start Your Own Mail Order Business (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up) (Paperback) by Entrepreneur Press
  • Mail Order Business
    - Building a Mail Order Business : A Complete Manual for Success (Building a Mail Order Business) (Hardcover) by William A. PhD Cohen "As I write these words, I look at my own daily mail and I'm amazed at the wide variety of products and services being sold..."
  • Mail Order Business
    - Money in Your Mailbox : How to Start and Operate a Successful Mail-Order Business (Small Business Series) (Paperback) by L. Perry Wilbur "You in the mail-order business?..."
  • Mail Order Business
    - Mail-Order Success Secrets, Revised 2nd Edition : How to Create a $1,000,000-a-Year Business Starting from Scratch (Paperback) by Tyler G. Hicks
  • Makeup Artist
    - A fun and high-paying job that lets you use your creativity to make people look good. Discover how to become a professional makeup artist or learn about makeup artist careers. Discover how to become a makeup artist, find makeup artist schools, get hired for makeup artist jobs, learn how to become a freelance makeup artist and start your own makeup artist business.
  • Management Consultant
    - Challenging and prestigious career. You will help businesses and other organizations identify problems, and recommend solutions to those problems. In this guide you will get advice to help you become a management consultant and profit from business consulting. - (Resources: Could You Have a Career in Consulting?; Steps to a Fab Job as a Management Consultant)
  • Marketing consultant
    - Going Solo (Paperback) by William J. Bond; "In one word, competence will bring you success..."
  • Massage Therapist
    - Rewarding, challenging, and very satisfying career. You could earn up to $40 to $70 per hour or more. This Guide to Become a Massage Therapist shows you how to get hired as a massage therapist or start your own massage therapy business. (Resource: 10 Steps to a Fab Job as a Massage Therapist)
  • Medical Billing
    - Medical Billing Beginners Book by Paul G. Hackett; A complete step-by-step reference guide on how to properly do medical billing from home as a business. (Resource: Medical Billing from Home)
  • Medical Billing
    - Setting Up Your Medical Billing Business: Step-by-Step Procedures for Starting and Managing a Computer-Based Electronic Medical Billing Business (Paperback) by Merlin B. Coslick; "A medical billing center is responsible for the smooth, rapid flow of accurate data concerning a medical encounter to the entity that will pay the..."
  • Medical Billing
    - Medical Billing Marketing Success: Finding Local Clients (Plastic Comb) by Merlin B. Coslick; "The success of your startup medical billing business depends on one element more than any other..."
  • Medical Billing
    - The Medical Billing Handbook (Paperback - Dec 2004) by Merry Schiff
  • Medical Transcription
    - Medical Transcription at Home! The start-up-guide to running your own home-based medical transcription business! (Resources: Medical Transcription Job; A Medical Transcription At Home Career)
  • Medical Writer
    - The ultimate guide to breaking into medical writing: tips, jobs, courses, graduate programs, certificates, professional organizations, market salaries, resources for freelance writers, and more.
  • Meeting Planning
    - Planning Successful Meetings and Events: A Take-Charge Assistant Book (Take-Charge Assistant Series) (Paperback) by Ann J. Boehme; "There are various types of meetings, many different settings for each meeting, and many goals or objectives for conducting a meeting..."
  • Mobile Disc Jockey
    - The Mobile DJ Handbook: How to Start & Run a Profitable Mobile Disc Jockey Service, Second Edition (Paperback - 2002) by Stacy Zemon; "Success can be defined as the continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals..."
  • Model
    - A very exciting, high-paying career. A step-by-step guide to help you get started and succeed in professional modeling, fashion modeling, teen modeling, hand modeling, male modeling, and many other types of modeling.
  • Mother's Helper
  • Motivational Speaker
    - Speak at Conferences, Seminars, Schools or Colleges. The Guide to Becoming a Motivational Speaker gives you the industry secrets and practical advice you need to launch your motivational speaking career and become a successful motivational speaker. (Resource: 10 Steps to a Fab Job as a Motivational Speaker)
  • Movie Reviewer
    - Discover how to get hired as a movie reviewer for newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, books, and the Internet.
  • Musician
    - The Self-Promoting Musician (Music Business) (Paperback - 2000) by Peter Spellman (Composer) "Five recording and distribution companies dominate the global music industry..."
  • Musician
    - The Musician's Internet : Online Strategies for Success in the Music Industry (Music Business) (Paperback - 2002) by Peter Spellman (Composer) "The Internet (or "Net," for short) is the fastest-growing communications network on the planet and the most effective at delivering multimedia content globally..."

TipWhat is a Mystery Shopper? A Mystery Shopper is someone who evaluates products and services. As a paid Mystery Shopper, you secretly shop in stores, restaurants, or just about anywhere, and you get paid by the hour or by the "job" just for making notes on what areas may need improvement or that you feel are absolutely terrific. Each "Mystery Shopper" program varies. You fill out a short form before you leave and you will be paid for it. In many cases, you also receive FREE merchandise from the store! Your opinion is necessary - and best of all - you get paid well for doing something you already do and enjoy! Check out the following sites. (Resource: Dream Career: Mystery Shopper)

  • Mystery Shopper
    - Become a mystery shopper and get paid to shop. The Guide to Become a Mystery Shopper can help you get paid to shop, get free products and services, and get paid to shop for new clothes, dine at restaurants, watch movies, golf, or go to amusement parks.
  • Mystery Shopper
    - Discreet Shopper: Hundreds and hundreds of companies and research firms are willing to pay you to shop, eat, go to movies and amusements parks, and more! Right-Click on the image to download the FREE Mystery Shopper information package to your computer.
    Shopping Jobs Zip File
  • Mystery Shopper
    - ShoppingJobsHere delivers real jobs that pay you to go shopping for cloths.. eat out at restaurants... go on a luxury cruises ... get a spa massage... go bowling... rent movies ...and so much more ....
    Related: Shop Until You Drop; GetPaid2
  • Mystery Shopper
    - Mystery Shopper's Manual, 6th Edition (Paperback - 2004) by Cathy Stucker; "Mystery shoppers visit businesses "disguised as normal customers," and do the things other customers do - ask questions, make a purchase, make a return - but with a twist..."
  • Mystery Shopper
    - Mystery Shopping Made Simple (Paperback - 2004) by Ilisha Newhouse, Ilisha Newhouse; "Mystery shoppers are also known as secret shoppers, service evaluators, consumer researchers, customer service researchers, auditors, scouts, or market research/evaluators..."
  • Mystery Writer
    - If you have ever dreamed of writing a mystery and getting it published, the FabJob Guide to Become a Mystery Writer gives you what you need to make your dream come true. (Resources: Information for Would-Be Writers)

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