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This page contains home business ideas, information, resources and programs, including Job and Business Guides that will assist you in starting, running and marketing your new or existing business or career.

Become a Caterer or Personal Chef

8 Steps to a New Career Thinking of a career change but don't know where to begin? Let these eight steps be your guide.

Quiz: Is It Time To Quit Your Job? Try this Quiz to see how many "quitting signs" are true for you.

How to Identify Your Job Skills and Experience: taking inventory of your jobs skills and experience can help you when considering a job change.

To Find Your Dream Career Look at Your Life Experiences. Did you know that a record of your "life experiences" can be a valuable career tool? For example, if you did missionary work, joined an expedition, or ran away with the circus - but didn't do it "officially" - that qualifies as a life experience.

Quiz: What's Your Dream Career? This Quiz will help you start to identify the type of jobs you'd most likely enjoy.


  • Cabinet Maker
    - Making Desks and Bookcases: Techniques for Better Woodworking (The Workshop Companion) (Hardcover) by Nick Engler
  • Cake Decorating
    TipVisit bakeries, grocery stores, churches, stationery businesses and hand out your business card. Specify what kinds of baking you do and include an estimated price list (specify if delivery, shipping & handling is included). You may want to leave baking examples or photos with your card. This business can be totally operated from home if you arrange for pickup only. If you arrange for delivery, be sure to include the added cost in your invoice. (Resources: "How-To" Start A Gourmet Food Business; "How-To" Start A Kitchen Tools Business)
  • Calligraphy
    - The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques (Paperback) by Diana Hardy Wilson (Resource: Businesses and Resources for Artists and Creative People)
  • Candle Making
    - Gel Candles Recipes, a resource for making and selling gel candles including recipes, with lots of Bonus recipes: Interviews with the experts, smelly jelly recipes, soap recipes and more. (Resource: "How-To" Start A Candle Business; Businesses and Resources for Artists and Creative People; "How-To" Start a Crafts Business)
  • Candle Making
    - Candlemaking for Fun & Profit (Paperback) by Michelle Espino: "THE VALUE OF CANDLEMAKING as a hobby today is that people love candles, and love giving them as gifts to friends, family, and themselves..."
  • Candy Wrappers for Fun & Profit
    - Anniversaries, birth announcements, weddings, birthdays, showers, engagements, holidays and more. . .
    TipA Unique Home Based Business. If you are looking for a viable home business that costs very little to start, is fun to do and is incredibly satisfying and profitable, it's worth your while to check into this idea. (Resource: 10 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Candy Wrapping Business)
  • Car Wash
    - Start Your Own Car Wash (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up) (Paperback - Dec 2003) by Entrepreneur Press; "You've probably never stopped to think about where your local car wash fits into the grand scheme of the car wash industry..."
  • Car Wash
    - The Perfect Business (Paperback) by Michael Leboeuf; "Imagine that you're home alone one afternoon, fall asleep in your easy chair, and begin to dream..."
  • Career Councellor
    - Career Counselor's Handbook (Bolles, Richard Nelson. Parachute Library.) (Paperback) by Richard Nelson Bolles, Howard Figler: "It would be nice if all of us who try to help people with their job choice and their job-hunt could say we basically do..."
  • Carpet Cleaner (See Cleaning Service below
  • Caretaker
    - Find a Caretaker or a Caretaker Job. They also help fill, related live-in horse jobs, ranch jobs and summer jobs. (Resource: How To Start Your Own Janitorial Business; Related: Butler)
  • Cartoonist
  • Catalog Marketing
    - Creating a Profitable Catalog: Everything You Need to Know to Create a Catalog That Sells (Hardcover) by Jack Schmid; A How-to masterpiece which includes up-to-the-minute information on concept and creative development, design and production, merchandising, circulation planning, database marketing, operations, and financial management.
  • Catering
    - How to Manage a Successful Catering Business, 2nd Edition (Hardcover) by Manfred Ketterer: "Catering is one of the simplest ways of making money in the foodservice industry..."
  • Caterer or Personal Chef
    - (Resources: Dream Career: Chef
    Tip If you love cooking, catering could be for you. But, there are lots of other considerations when starting a Catering Business. Cooking is only the beginning. You have to decide what 'kinds' of events you would cater to. Weddings, business meetings, women's groups, etc. All require different handling. Weddings would be flamboyant and very decorative, and a lot of work, whereas a business meeting would be very sedate. Women's groups may only require sandwiches or canapes and squares. So before you begin, decide what type of catering business you'll run.
  • Catering
    - Discover how to turn your love for food into a highly profitable Catering Business with this exciting limited edition How-to manual.
  • Celebrity Personal Assistant
    - (Resources: Working with a Celebrity; Dream Career: Personal Assistant; 10 Steps to a FabJob as a Celebrity Personal Assistant)
  • Ceramics
    - Ceramics For Profit Or Pleasure (Spiral-bound) by Carmen M. Hay: Note: Carmen M. Hay owned and successfully operated a home-based ceramic business for several years. She specialized in producing collectibles such as porcelain lace-draped figurines, china-painted decorator plates, cups and saucers.
  • Chauffeur - Friendly Neighbor
    Tip There are many people who do not or will not drive! The elderly and physically impaired all need to 'get out' on occasion. If you have a desire to help others but are not sure how, this is definitely one of the most rewarding. You can do this on a volunteer basis, or for a wage, it's up to you. Visit your local churches and home-care facilities and inquire. Leave your name and phone number. If you're a woman, offer this service for women only. (Related: Become a Butler; Become a Personal Concierge Business Owner)
  • Child Actor
    - In this guide you will discover the steps to helping your child break into acting in television commercials.
  • *NEW* Chocolate Shop Owner
    - This Guide to shows you how to become a Chocolatier and Start a Gourmet Chocolate Business.
  • Cleaning Business
    - Considering starting your own home-based house cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning or any other type of cleaning business or service
  • Cleaning Service
    - This in-depth guide shows you how to start three hot cleaning businesses: residential maid service, commercial janitorial and carpet/upholstery cleaning. Most cleaning service businesses can be operated on either a part-time or full-time basis, either from home or from a commercial location, and the best part is, you can build an extremely profitable business that will generate revenue very quickly.
  • Cleaning Service (Office)
    - Make excellent money with your own office cleaning business.
  • Clown
    - Be a Clown! : The Complete Guide to Instant Clowning (Paperback) by Turk Pipkin, the 6'7" professional clown. "Lively, humorous handbook covers all aspects of clownmanship, including makeup, funny faces, costume (how to make big clown shoes at home), and props like the Bouncing Hankie." (Related: Face Painting; Tips for Buying And Using Face Paints Properly)
  • Coffee, Espresso & Tea Shop
    How to Open a Financially Successful Coffee, Espresso & Tea Shop by Elizabeth Godsmark, Lora Arduser and Douglas R. Brown.
    Tip This complete manual will arm you with everything you need including sample business forms, leases, and contracts; worksheets and checklists for planning, opening, and running day-to-day operations; sample menus; coffee drink recipes; inventory lists; plans and layouts; and dozens of other valuable, time-saving tools of the trade that no coffee entrepreneur should be without.
  • *NEW* Coffee House Owner
    - Start Your Own Coffee House; Open a Café or Coffee Shop.
  • Columnist
    - How to Write Articles for Newspapers and Magazines (Step By Step (Thomson Learning (Firm)).) (Paperback) by Dawn B. Sova "Writing articles for newspapers and magazines requires that you take careful steps in developing ideas, planning the article, collecting information, and focusing on the subject..." (Resources: Information for Would-Be Writers)
  • Comic
    - Become a Stand-up Comic.
  • Commercial Artist
    - Opportunities in Commercial Art and Graphic Design Careers (Paperback) by Barbara Gordon; Series provides valuable career insights to students and job seekers! The most comprehensive career book series available, Opportunities in . . . explores a vast range of professions. Each book offers: The latest information on a field of interest - Training and education requirements for each career - Salary statistics for different positions within each field - Up-to-date professional and Internet resources - And much more. (Resource: Dream Career: Fine Artist)
  • Communications
    - How to Own and Operate a Home-Based Communications Business (Home-Based Business Series) (Paperback) by Louann Werksma (Related: Motivational Speaker; 10 Steps to a Fab Job as a Motivational Speaker )
  • Computer Bulletin Board Owner
    - The Bbs Construction Kit: All the Software and Expert Advice You Need to Start Your Own Bbs Today / Book and Disk (Paperback) by David Wolfe
  • Computer Cleaning Business
    - How To Start Your Own Profitable Computer Cleaning Business - Step By Step Business Kit!
  • Computer Consultant
    - Going Solo (Paperback) by William J. Bond "In one word, competence will bring you success..."
  • Computer Repair
    - Start Your Own Computer Business: Building a Successful PC Repair and Service Business by Supporting Customers and Managing Money (Paperback) by Morris Rosenthal, Reva Rubenstein
  • Congressional Aide
  • Concierge Service
    - Start Your Own Personal Concierge Service (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Ups) (Paperback) by Entrepreneur Press; Low-cost, easy-to-start business, all you really need is a phone, an answering machine, business cards and this step-by-step guide. It tells you everything you need to know to start your own successful concierge service. (Related: Become a Personal Concierge Business Owner; Butler)
  • Construction Consulting Engineering Practice
    - Standard Handbook of Consulting Engineering Practice (Hardcover) by Tyler G. Hicks, Jerome F. Mueller
  • Consultant: Business
    - (Resources: Could You Have a Career in Consulting?; Steps to a Fab Job as a Management Consultant)
  • Consultant: Etiquette
    - (Resource: Dream Career: Etiquette Consultant)
  • Consultant: Image/Fashion Stylist
    - (Resource: Dream Career: Fashion Designer)
  • Consultant: Management
    - (Resource: Steps to a Fab Job as a Management Consultant)
  • Consultant: Public Relations
    - (Resource: 10 Steps to Become a Public Relations Consultant)
  • Consulting
    - High Income Consulting : How to Build and Market Your Professional Practice (Paperback) by Tom Lambert
  • Consulting
    - How to Start and Run a Successful Consulting Business by Gregory . Kishel, Patricia Gunter Kishel
    Tip 10 Steps to Become a Public Relations Consultant by Lynne Bliss
    Steps to Becoming a Management Consultant by Jennie S. Bev
    Start and Run a Profitable Consulting Business: A Step-By-Step Business Plan (Self Counsel Business Series) (Paperback) by Douglas A. Gray
  • Contractor Referral Service
    - Are you looking for a legitimate way to generate income from home? A home-based contractor referral business maybe the ideal solution for you. Read More about how to launch a Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) in your area.
  • Copywriting
    - Start and Run a Copywriting Business (Paperback) by Steve Slaunwhite (Related: Advertising Copywriter)
  • Cookie Business
    - Start a Home Business creating Cookies.
  • Cosmetics Business
    - (Related: Become a Makeup Artist)
  • Cosmetologist
    - Careers in Cosmetology (Success Without College Series) by Mary L. Dennis (Related: Become a Makeup Artist; Become an Image Consultant)
  • Cosmetology
    - COSMETOLOGY CAREER STARTER 2E by Lorraine Kormann "EVEN IF you are just beginning to become interested in a career as a beauty professional, then you probably know that the beauty industry is. . ."
  • Costume Design
    - The Costume Designer's Handbook : A Complete Guide for Amateur and Professional Costume Designers (Paperback) by Liz Covey, Rosemary Ingham
  • Court Reporter
    - Court Reporter Job Hunting Guidelines and Information; simple step-by-step strategy that will show you how you can go to court reporting school and get FREE court reporter training, quickly land the court reporter job you want, and make a court reporter salary of up to $100,000 or more!
  • *NEW* Craft Store Owner
    - This Guide to shows you how to Open an Art Supply Store, Bead Shop, Fabric Store, Scrapbook Store, Quilt Shop, Yarn Shop (or another type of craft store).
  • Crafts (Art - Crafts - Flowers & Gift Baskets - Jewelry)
    - How to Start a Home-Based Craft Business
    Tip Get Started: Auctions, community functions, trade shows, fairs. Depending on your craft and your own experience, you may want to contact schools and churches to give classes. (Resources: "How-To" Start a Crafts Business; "How-To" Get Started with Rubber Stamping; "How-To" Start a Scrapbooking Business)
  • Cruise Ship Job
    - (Resource: Get That Fab Job on a Cruise Ship!)

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