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This page contains home business ideas, information, resources and programs, including Job and Business Guides that will assist you in starting, running and marketing your new or existing business or career.

Become a Fashion Designer

8 Steps to a New Career Thinking of a career change but don't know where to begin? Let these eight steps be your guide.

Quiz: Is It Time To Quit Your Job? Try this Quiz to see how many "quitting signs" are true for you.

How to Identify Your Job Skills and Experience: taking inventory of your jobs skills and experience can help you when considering a job change.

To Find Your Dream Career Look at Your Life Experiences. Did you know that a record of your "life experiences" can be a valuable career tool? For example, if you did missionary work, joined an expedition, or ran away with the circus - but didn't do it "officially" - that qualifies as a life experience.

Quiz: What's Your Dream Career? This Quiz will help you start to identify the type of jobs you'd most likely enjoy.



  • Electroplating
    - Hobbyist Electroplating Made Easy/Electroplating Fundamentals on Video (Paperback) by Randell Nyborg
  • Errand Service
    - How to Start and Operate an Errand Service (Revised 2nd Edition) by Rob Spina (Plastic Comb - July 2, 2001)
  • Etiquette Consultant
    - (Resource: Dream Career: Etiquette Consultant)
  • Events Planner
    - Plan events for social or business occasions.
    Tip If you're very creative and good at organizing events, such as weddings, parties, etc. this could be for you. Get Started: Your prime selling point is your creativity. This is the main reason people hire event planners. You need a continual flow of fresh ideas. The challenge comes when you do events for a specific client or business on a regular basis. You must stay current with new trends. TV and movies is a great source for ideas, and sitcoms can sometimes spark your creative juices. Attend as many parties, fundraisers, parades and festivals you can. See what others are doing and elaborate on it. (Resource: How to "Break-In"to a Job as an Event Planner)
  • eZine Publisher
    - E-Newsletters That Work, The Small Business Owner's Guide To Creating, Writing and Managing An Effective Electronic Newsletter (Paperback) by Michael J. Katz


  • Face Painting
    - Step-By-Step Face Painting Guide Makes Face Painting So Easy Even Non-Painters Can Look Like Pros. (Resource: Information on Face Painting)
  • Fashion Designer
    - Get a Job as a Fashion Designer or Start Your Own Fashion Design Business. (Resource: Dream Career: Fashion Designer)
  • Financial Planner
    - So You Want to Be a Financial Planner (Paperback) by Nancy Langdon Jones, Bob Veres (Contributor); "Once upon a time, I was giving an after-dinner speech to a group of Nurse Practitioners, on the importance of understanding the family's finances..."
  • Fine Artist Dream Career
  • Firefighter
    - This Guide to Become a Firefighter gives you the insider tips and practical advice you need to break into a career as a firefighter.
  • *NEW* Fitness Club Owner
    - This Guide to shows you how to Open an Athletic Club, Exercise Studio, Fitness Center, Gym, Health Club, Personal Training Studio or Workout Center.
  • Fitness Trainer
    - Personal training is one of the fastest growing jobs in the health and fitness industry today. Discover how to get ready, get hired and get started in your own Personal Training business.
  • Flight Attendant
    - A fun and exciting travel career and you get paid! Something most people would envy.
  • Florist
    - You can get paid to create floral designs or start your own flower shop. (Resource: Flowers for Sale: Growing and Marketing Cut Flowers : Backyard to Small Acreage - A Bootstrap Guide, Paperback by Lee Sturdivant, Peggy Sue McRae, Illustrator)
  • Food Critic: the food lover's dream job!
    - (Resources: How to Get Hired as a Food Writer; "How-To" Start a Gourmet Food Business)
  • Food Delivery Service
    - Start & Run Your Own Profitable Service Business (Paperback) by Irving Burstiner
    Tip There are numerous people who just cannot get out to do their shopping. They may be shut-ins due to illness or physical impairments, or elderly and unable to drive or walk the distance required. These people need someone to help and you could be that person. Get Started: Visit hospitals, doctor's offices, grocery stores. If you're a church member, you could also discuss your business with your minister or priest and church heads. Leave your name and phone number, an expected hourly wage, a description of your service (be specific) and the area in your community, city or state for which you're services will be available. This can also be very rewarding for you and the shut-in. In many instances, you may be the only outside person they have contact with. Take the time to show you care. (Resource: The Food Service Professional Guide To Series: All Fifteen Books In The Series)
  • Forensic Specialist
  • Framing service
    - Home Book of Picture Framing: Professional Secrets of Mounting, Matting, Framing and Displaying Artworks, Photographs, Posters, Fabrics, Collectibles, Carvings and More (Paperback) by Kenn Oberrecht: "No do-it-yourself activity will save the homeowner or apartment dweller more money than the mounting, matting, and framing of artwork, photographs, posters, documents, and collectibles..."
  • Franchise

Tip Freelance Photography: Requirements: a good camera, film and good public relations (PR). Get Started: Get your name out among local small businesses. Print flyers (be specific - type of photography, price list, phone number for appointments) for store windows and on counters. Good PR is mandatory. Word of mouth can make or break your business. Always follow through with appointments, be punctual and show up on time and always deliver the finished product on the date designated.

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