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This page contains home business ideas, information, resources and programs, including Job and Business Guides that will assist you in starting, running and marketing your new or existing business or career.

Become a Wedding Planner

8 Steps to a New Career Thinking of a career change but don't know where to begin? Let these eight steps be your guide.

Quiz: Is It Time To Quit Your Job? Try this Quiz to see how many "quitting signs" are true for you.

How to Identify Your Job Skills and Experience: taking inventory of your jobs skills and experience can help you when considering a job change.

To Find Your Dream Career Look at Your Life Experiences. Did you know that a record of your "life experiences" can be a valuable career tool? For example, if you did missionary work, joined an expedition, or ran away with the circus - but didn't do it "officially" - that qualifies as a life experience.

Quiz: What's Your Dream Career? This Quiz will help you start to identify the type of jobs you'd most likely enjoy.


  • Tax Preparation
    - Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation: Start & Build a Prosperous Bookkeeping, Tax, & Financial Services Business (Paperback) by Gordon P. Lewis
  • *NEW* Tea Room Owner
    Open a Tea House and Start a Tea Shop Business.
  • Technical Writer
    - Discover how to break into a career writing how-to information such as technical writing user manuals, technical writing procedures manuals, technical writing assembly instructions, technical writing online help, technical writing web pages, technical writing training manuals. Full-time or Freelance.
  • Technical Writer
    - Technical Writer's Handbook: Writing With Style and Clarity (Paperback) by Matt Young "It would be very easy to show how technical or report writing differed from other writing..."
  • Technical Writer
    - Writing Reports to Get Results: Quick, Effective Results Using the Pyramid Method, 3rd Edition (Paperback) by Ron S. Blicq, Lisa A. Moretto, Ron S. Blicq, Lisa A. Moretto
  • Telemarketing Service
    - Better Business by Phone: A Guide to Effective Telebusiness (Paperback) by Valerie O'Dea
  • Telemarketing Service
    - The Complete Guide to Telemarketing Management (Paperback) by Joel Linchitz
  • Television Producer
    - The FabJob Guide to Becoming a Television Producer tells you how to break into television and get hired to work on production of sitcoms, TV movies, talk shows, dramas, music videos, game shows, documentaries, commercials and newscasts. (Resource: Steps to a Fab Job as a Television Producer)
  • Television Reporter
    - Find out how to get hired for a job in television as a TV news reporter or anchor, sportscaster, or weather person. (Resource: 10 Steps to a Fab Job as a Television Reporter)
  • Temporary Services
    - How to Start & Manage a Temporary Help Services Business: A Practical Way to Start Your Own Business (Paperback) by Jerre G. Lewis, Leslie D. Renn
  • Tour Guide Business
    - Start and Run a Profitable Tour Guiding Business (Start & Run ...) (Paperback) by Barbara Braidwood, Susan M. Boyce, Richard Cropp "Group travel is as cold as humanity, a heritage passed down from the days of nomadic prehistory..."
  • Tour Guide Business
    - How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency (Paperback) by Tom Ogg, Joanie Ogg, Tom
  • Tour Guide Business
    - Start Your Own Specialty Travel & Tour Business (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up) (Paperback) by Entrepreneur Press "Once upon a time, travel was only for the wealthy and the adventurous..."
  • *NEW* Toy Store Owner
    Open an Independent Toy Store, Specialty Toy Shop, or Hobby Shop.
  • Trainer
    - Personal training is one of the fastest growing jobs in the health and fitness industry today. Discover how to get ready, get hired and get started in your own Personal Training business. (Resource: Creative Ways to Train Clients)
  • Training Consultant
    - Getting Started in Speaking, Training, or Seminar Consulting (Getting Started In.....) (Paperback) by Robert W. Bly "There are lot of people who want to be speakers today-but perhaps some of them should not..."
  • Travel Agency
    - How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency (Paperback) by Tom Ogg, Joanie Ogg, Tom
  • Travel Consultant
    - Become a Travel Consultant or Start Your Own Travel Agency. You can become a travel consultant, become a travel agent, open your own travel agency, or start a travel business. In the FabJob Guide to Become a Travel Consultant you will get expert advice to get hired as a travel agent or start your own successful travel business.
  • Travel Writer
    - Get Paid to See the World! Discover how to get paid to travel the globe, stay in luxury hotels, experience exciting adventures, enjoy fabulous food, and view incredible sights. (Resource: Become A Travel Writer)
  • TV Kids
    - In this guide you will discover the steps to helping your child break into acting in television commercials.
  • TV Repair
    - Television and Video Systems: Operation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair (2nd Edition) (Hardcover) by Charles G. Buscombe
  • TV Reporter
    - Find out how to get hired for a job in television as a TV news reporter or anchor, sportscaster, or weather person. (Resource: 10 Steps to a Fab Job as a Television Reporter)
  • Typing Service
    - Complete Typing Business Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Start and Successfully Operate a Home Typing Business (Paperback) by Frank Chisenhall - This how-to book provides step-by-step guidance on starting a successful home typing business, including everything from explaining the benefits of having a home typing business to getting clients, how much to charge, advertising and promotion, business letters with samples, and much more.


  • Ultimate Organizer
    - The Ultimate Guide for Professional Organizers can help you minimize your costs, get more business, and make more money. Whether you own a professional organizing business or are thinking of starting one, this guide can help you minimize your costs, avoid common mistakes, and get the best results from dozens of marketing techniques.



  • Web Site Design
    - How to Start a Home-Based Web Design Business
  • Wedding Photographer
    - The Best of Wedding Photojournalism: Techniques and Images from the Pros
  • Wedding Photographer
    - The FabJob Guide to Become a Professional Photographer shows you how to become a professional photographer, start a photography business, open a photography studio, and get paid to take photographs of people and events. Learn how to become a portrait photographer or a wedding photographer.
  • Wedding Planner
    - Exciting high-paying job that lets you use your creativity to organize the happiest day of people's lives. As a wedding planner (also known as a bridal consultant, wedding consultant, or wedding co-ordinator) you will have a job that is fun, interesting, and rewarding. (Resources: 10 Steps to a Fab Job as a Wedding Planner; How to Break Into a Fab Job as an Event Planner; Get Paid to Plan Events)
  • Wedding Planner
    - How to Become a Wedding Consultant: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success
  • Wellness Business
    - Start A Business in the Wellness Industry.
  • Window Cleaning
    - How to Start a Window Cleaning Business : A Guide to Sales Procedures and Operations
  • Window Tinting
    - Training for individuals starting their own window tinting business. A very lucrative niche market.
  • Wine Merchant
    - Open a Vineyard, Winery, Wine Bar or Wine Store. This Guide to Become a Wine Merchant is a step-by-step guide which will teach you how to start a wine business. Learn how to open a vineyard, open a winery, open a wine bar, or open a wine store.
  • Woodworking
    - Profitable Woodworking: Turning Your Hobby into a Profession
  • Write Publicity Releases
    - Writing Effective News Releases... : How to Get Free Publicity for Yourself, Your Business, or Your Organization
  • Writer
    - The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book


  • Yoga Teacher
    - Get Hired as a Yoga Teacher or Start Your Own Yoga Studio. Discover how to get hired as a yoga teacher or start your own yoga studio.

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